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 Welcome to Dark Dreamings, Book reviews and recommends.

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Wandering Soul
Wandering Soul

PostSubject: Welcome to Dark Dreamings, Book reviews and recommends.   Fri 26 Mar 2010, 1:36 pm

Welcome Dear Reader!

It is my avid hope that this humble epistle finds you well and hail, or at least three steps ahead of the angry mob!

As I have spent the largeness of my life in the company of books and their writers, I have asked to have a thread to recommend and speak to you about all books dark and dreamy. I prefer, with a few notable exceptions to discuss the less mainstream and popular writers. I doubt Messirs King and Koontz need my recommendation to anyone, however, there are about a thousand other writers old and new with visions vile and corpulent who bare sharing, this is my intent in sending you these missives.

I know many of you say you prefer movies, and, if I may, a word on the subject? Though movies might have an indolent appeal, and perhaps be quicker to the blood and circuses for those of you of a blood thirsty nature, there is an intimacy in a book. A book gets in your head. It gets in your soul. It's very character is to touch you, to ignite your mind to imagine your own characters, your own torments. People say "The book is better" all the time, and if you think about it, the movie has an hour and a half, a writer has all the words in the world to take you into that special ill lite place. Someone once said "We have no need for demons for all the evils of the world dwell in the human mind". What is in your mind that my friends and I might plumb?

I also request, if at all possible, purchase books recommended here at your local independant bookstore. I will endeavor to tell you, should it be needed, a link where a book might be purchased, since it is my most vigorous wish to bring you not just established scribes, but also those you might not have access too.

On to the show.

If I may present to you the iniquitous Shirley Jackson. She is perhaps most infamous for the movie adaptation of her book "Haunting of Hill House" yet, in my humble opinion, and an arguable point, "We Have Always Lived in the Castle" is my favorite. I describe Ms. Jackson's work thusly:

"Her work is like an unexpected visit from a friend one both loves and fears. She comes to the door of your mind and takes your hand, inviting you on a Springtime walk. As you move with her, you find yourself in a familiar neighborhood, surrounded by sunshine and smiling children playing in suburban yards, yet your stomach is in knots. Eventually she leads you down a small path and your breath catches short and, at the end of the path, she shows you the metaphorical corpse in a stagnant creek. You are horrified but not surprised or disappointed.

Jackson died at 45, a lifelong victim of psychological illness and on and off institutionalization. This is reflected in her work. One is never quite sure of what one is seeing until the end of her stories. Hill House is of course Supernatural in nature, but most of Jackson's horror is more played in the field of the diseased mind. I would most heartily recommend The Lottery, "Hill House" of course and "Castle", though I doubt any other piece of hers would disappoint.

My second writer also died young. Richard Laymon died from a massive heart attack at 56. He was popular in England and had just penned a new book deal in the US to regain his popularity here. He is missed and mourned - but left for us a dirth of sinister stories to keep us busy. "Bite" is perhaps my favorite. It's a vampire story. You will find, Dear Readers, I am no fan of the Vampire genre. I don't refuse any one else such indulgence, but they aren't my cup of tea. You will find me penning no glorious liturgies to Edward or Lestat. However, Bite is a wonderful exception to the rule. The story isn't about a vampire, but rather, his aftermath. Poor Sam finds his first love, Cat, on his doorstep after years without word from her. She claims to be the object of a vampires affection and the marks on her body convince him. Sam, being a decent sort, kills the vampire. There is no blinding flash, the corpse doesn't decay - Sam is stuck with a dead body. One he made dead. And now, he and Cat embark on a mission through the late night streets of Santa Monica to dispose of the "evidence". And having been to Santa Monica, I can say there is no more appropriate place to be caught dead. :) Again, None of Laymon's works should disappoint.

Finally, I beg an indulgence and I'll see you on your way. I would be remiss if I didn't mention my own humble tome "Turf War", which has a tentative release date of August. It's the story of two serial killers in the same small Florida town. One of them has GOT to go. I will be posting more about this book in the near future.

Now, a quest for those of you brave enough to partake! Please feel free to recommend or suggest, either to me or on this thread, authors, books, review sites for horror you feel our readers might find interesting. I can be contacted at concarolinags@yahoo.com or on facebook as Cindy Hutchins.

I must go now, to search for other monographs and omnibuses to recommend to you. Do not fear! I will search the libraries, the stores even plumb the depths of Mnemosyne to keep you reading! I would be remiss did I not thank the Gratious Lord of this Manor for his hospitality, and so, Lord Stone, I tip my hat to you, my very good sir. And to you Dear Reader, my many thanks at your indulgence of this humble luddite. Happy reading to you and I look forward to your opinions.

With Deep Affection,
Your servant,
Cindy Hutchins
26March2010, Los Angeles
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The Black Pope
The Black Pope

PostSubject: Re: Welcome to Dark Dreamings, Book reviews and recommends.   Sat 27 Mar 2010, 10:42 am

Very nice posting! I like the idea of this section a lot now. You made it jump off the page and come to life.

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Mod - VIP
Mod - VIP

PostSubject: Re: Welcome to Dark Dreamings, Book reviews and recommends.   Thu 08 Apr 2010, 1:26 am

I do believe you and I will get along rather well. As for Shirley Jackson, I rather prefer The Lottery.
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PostSubject: Re: Welcome to Dark Dreamings, Book reviews and recommends.   

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Welcome to Dark Dreamings, Book reviews and recommends.

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