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 On Demonolgy: An Essay

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PostSubject: On Demonolgy: An Essay   Sun 01 Feb 2009, 7:56 am

This is an essay I wrote way back in high school pertaining to demonology.-Rob

Demonology has long been a subject of my continued interest and
enjoyment, and it is something that I have become very passionate
about. Having passion for such an obscure subject in these days
which science rules generally gets one nowhere. This is because
science, they say, has disproved demons, ghosts, magic and the
paranormal. Indeed, there seem to be many more skeptics than mystics
right now, but mysticism seems to be very much on the rise. Now,
science claims to have disproved anything paranormal, yet, they admit
that there are certain things that they do not understand. They claim
that ghosts don’t exist, they write away electronic voice
phenomenon as ‘turning gears’ and ghosts captured in film and
photos ‘smoke’ or ‘dirty lenses’. Demons are viewed in much
the same way.

First, one should note that nearly every culture has legends
involving demons of some kind, on every continent, in every race,
ages before long-distance communication was possible. A demon being
defined as a creature, living outside the realm of human perception,
capable of helping or harming humans, individually, or as a whole.
Native Americans, for instance, have many demons. These demons and
their legends developed at a time in which not many knew their
homeland existed, much less adventured across the ocean to foreign
lands to swap scary stories with people that didn’t even speak
their language. Every culture has demon legends, yet scientists
refuse to believe that there is even a grain of truth to these
stories. Every culture on earth has these legends, did all the
philosophers of these cultures just began to synchronize thoughts one

Scientists refuse to believe in things that they cannot see or
detect. It makes sense to fear these things, and through that fear,
disackknowledge the existence of these things, but there are several
things in science that can not be seen, but are presented as fact.
Take a breath. Do you see the oxygen that keeps you alive? Can you
smell, or taste it? No. All we have are the words of scientists
saying it’s there. Our life, depends on many things that we can not
see, not with the naked eye, at least. Demons and ghosts can be seen
with the naked eye, however. There have been far more reports of
people seeing spirits and demons than there have of people seeing a
rouge molecule of oxygen floating about.

Even beyond that, one could argue, that oxygen can be seen easily
with the proper equipment. Likewise, paranormal activities can be
seen with equipment. Many different types of such activity have been
recorded in film, audio tape and photographs, from mysterious balls
of light, to full size phantoms, objects moving to monks levitating.
Scientists explain most of this as ‘forgery.’

What if mystics tried to disprove science simply by saying “Science
is wrong, mysticism is right”? How would that sit with today's
society? Not well at all, and yet it is exactly the same kind of
'argument' the scientists present. Most scientists simply respond to
mystical questions in variations of “Why, that's absolutely
absurd.” without actually explaining why
it is so absurd. This is due to the fact that they can't
because it's not.
Is it honestly so difficult to believe that there are things that we
do not understand? Has humanity become such an arrogant race that we
no longer believe that we can be mistaken?

It hasn't always been this way. Many decades ago, when the earth was
viewed as being flat, the idea that it was round was called idiocy,
simply because it was outside of the realm of of humanity's
comprehension at the time. And we all know how that argument ended.
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On Demonolgy: An Essay

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